We design DIY electronic sound machines.

Here you will find lots of info about the DIY projects that we offer: audio and video demos, instructions, assembly manuals, circuit descriptions, schematics… All the documentation are for free under a creative-commons license. You can build the projects from the start, making yourself the PCBs, silkscreening and drilling your own cases, or you can buy the kits in our store. It’s your choice!

Our sound machines are inspired by the classics but we always look to new sounds and experimentation. Our projects are:


From the expert builder to the newbie one. You can etch the PCBs, drill and silkscreen the case, search for the components, etc. or you can buy everything at the store. We take our time to design well finished machines.


We believe that ideas must be accessible for everyone. So we share our schematics, codes, tutorials. Everything is for free under a Creative Commons license. Use it under your own responsibility!





We  listen what have you to say. We stay creative and update the machines with new features. Any idea? At muffwiggler forum we can talk about that.


Come along and see. If you like our stuff don’t forget to let us a comment at the facebook page or at muffwiggler forum.

Plankton Electronics.