Welcome to our site! At plankton Electronics we design Modular Synthesizers. We search for new sounds and ways to create music and we do our best to create new and atractive tools for the sound creation. We’re passionate about what we do and we try to improve every day.
We are based in Barcelona, but we are moving around the world developing this amazing project at different countries. One day we will settle down somewhere, but not yet!
We believe that information must be free and accesible to everybody, so we share all our work at our Github repository. Your feedback is important for us. If you have any ideas, thoughts or comments feel free to contact us. We want to hear from you.

This is our team:

  • ÀLEX
    The Plankton Electronics founder. Self-taught electronic and synth designer. He likes machines, synths, travelling and be with his family.
    Do you need to design and code any function for a synth that fits into an digital chip? This is your man! He likes to ride with motorbikes, surf, and zeros and ones.
    Our saleswoman. If you are purchasing something to us probably you’re talking to her.
    Artist, electronic musician, beta tester, video maker and collaborator of Plankton Electronics. Listen his music here.
    He is in charge of assembling, testing, calibrating and packing the synths. A synth and music enthusiast.
  • YUCA
    The Plankton Dog. She don’t cares about synthesizers but she will love you from the first day. She likes to run, run, run, run, people, human food and eating your shoes.